What if your journey began the moment you stepped out of your home?
Familiar sights become never-before-seen scenery…
Let your mind and body take it all in….

Nio-cho, Mitoyo city in Kagawa Prefecture.
Amidst this town with a traditional Japanese backdrop stands a structure that perfectly blends in with the rest of the scenery.

Sanuki Ryokusou. Designed by Yasushi Horibe.
This home will let you experience the atmosphere and lifestyle of the land.

Here, there exists no such thing as special hospitality.
Rather, there are simply the norms of the area.
Oceans and mountains… the sound of the wind… the climate and temperature…
the grace, unique lifestyle and expressions of the area that you won’t find anywhere else…
Enjoy the gentle nature and clear seasonal signals.

Through staying at Sanuki Ryokusou, your time spent at and the scenery of Nio will certainly remain deeply etched into your memories.
And of course, enjoy your time spent here.

Come and stay here and let your body have a comfortable experience.


In addition to guest room information such as the accommodations, amenities, and costs of Sanuki Ryokusou,
learn about the beauty of staying here and the meals that you would experience.